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Liposuction Options

Discover liposuction options for shaping and contouring your body to eliminate stubborn fat deposits. Are you struggling to lose that last bit of stubborn fat clinging to your belly, buttocks, or thighs? You’re not alone. Many people reach a limit to what they can achieve with healthy diet and exercise and need a bit of ...Continue Right

Comparing Hair Removal Methods

Professional hair removal methods offer distinct advantages over at-home methods. Unwanted hair: it’s a problem many people will have to manage for decades, from puberty onwards. There are a variety of methods for removing or reducing unwanted hair, some of which can be provided in the comfort of Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa. In ...Continue Right

How to Fight 4 Top Causes of Visible Aging

Cosmetic treatments and lifestyle changes can help keep you looking younger. Looking younger is a common goal for both men and women, and both sexes are increasingly turning to surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in order to achieve the look they want. At Mira Aesthetic Medical Center, we offer a wide variety of high-quality services ...Continue Right

Silicone Breast Implants vs Saline Breast Implants

Get the facts to help you choose the right type of breast implant for you. Are you interested in enhancing the look of your breasts? Maybe you have never been satisfied with the size of your breasts, maybe you want to restore a firm, perky look after having kids, or maybe you need reconstruction following ...Continue Right

What Are 24-Hour Breast Implants?

Some patients looking for a quick fix are boosting breast size with InstaBreast. You may have heard some buzz about a 24-hour breast implant procedure called InstaBreast. Some patients are using this procedure to boost cleavage and cup size for a special occasion. But is this really safe? Here’s what you need to know about ...Continue Right

Looking for a Thoughtful Holiday Gift? Book a Spa Visit.

Our rejuvenating spa services make the perfect gift for hard-to-shop-for friends and family. As the holiday season rolls around each year, there are probably certain people on your list that you always struggle to buy for. What can you get for the man or woman who already has it all? How about treating them to ...Continue Right

Tips for Reducing Cosmetic Surgery Scars

Follow these helpful tips to ensure your scars heal as quickly as possible. For many people, the whole point of cosmetic surgery is to enhance their body while still maintaining a natural look. Telltale scars kind of defeat the point. Fortunately, you can take steps to support your body’s natural ability to heal following cosmetic ...Continue Right

Compression Garment FAQ

Learn what compression garments are and why they are recommended for post-op recovery. Many patients wear special compression garments following liposuction treatments. Get answers to common questions about buying and using compression garments here. What Are the Benefits of Compression Garments After Liposuction? When a liposuction is performed, there is always some amount of fluid ...Continue Right

How to Optimize the Results of a Tummy Tuck

Following your surgeon’s instructions is key to a successful abdominoplasty. Weight gain around the midsection is a common problem experienced by both men and women. Often, this belly fat can be very stubborn, refusing to melt away with diet and exercise alone. Even if the fat is lost, the abdomen may still be protruding due ...Continue Right

Wrinkles Aren’t the Only Sign of Aging to Worry About

Mira Aesthetic Medical Center offers treatments to combat many top signs of aging. Although facial wrinkles are often the first problem you notice, they are by no means the only telltale sign of aging you will experience. To achieve a younger look, it is important to not only correct wrinkles with treatments like Botox, laser ...Continue Right